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My goal as a teacher?

To enable you to get rid of me!

What do I teach?

A good musician is the combination of three characters working hand in hand:

The performer:

Stress is part of our lives.

Like, a BIG part of our lives!

And that's ok, we just have to learn how to deal with it!

Sport, yoga, meditation... Yes! But playing itself can also a great anti-stress medecine!

I faced countless auditions and concerts, and I can help you create a routine and a team around you to allow you to perform in the best conditions, just like athletes do.

The Craftman:

The "down to earth" guy, with whom you should spend most of your time, developping not only a solid technique that enables you to face the entire repertoire, but also an efficient way of practicing.

He's the one shaping your voice, through your sound and your vibrato, your bow articulation, your shiftings...

I'm a nerd when it comes to bow technique. I believe your sound is your voice, and your voice is 80% of your expressive power.

Managing bow speed, weight and place on the string to find the right colour is a complex equation, but it is also immensly rewarding and a great source of comfort, which... is a great anti-stress!

                   The Artist:

      The heart. But also the head.

 Go to concerts, listen to recordings

to develop your taste and learn "how

 to feel more"!


 I think helping you broaden your horizons,

   discover new recordings, books or paintings, is

     part of a teacher's job, as is helping you go deep

      into the text, plan your interpretation, strategize,

         in order to convey YOUR emotions,

             in the most effective way!

I teach at the Haute École des Arts du Rhin in Strasbourg, (Bachelor, Master and Doctorate).

Get in touch if you are interested in a lesson or coaching!

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