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Revive the tradition of the Hauskonzerte, and enjoy a very private performance, designed especially for you and your guests! Set up a date, choose the repertoire, and discover it with the artist during an exclusive evening in the comfort of your own living room!
      Performing in smaller venues gives me the opportunity to really connect with my audience. It's a privilege to be able to share my passion so closely and to discuss it in a friendly atmosphere!





Bach, cello suite No.1




Bach's most famous cello work; perfect for an introduction to classical music and to the cello, this suite of dances will delight every audience.


(Kids friendly)


Sweet and sour



Berio, les mots sont allés...

Bach, cello suite No.1

Ligeti, cello sonata




A great combination of a masterpiece of the past and new music, exploring all the technical possibilites of the instrument.


1725 - 1915



Kodály, cello sonata op.8

Bach, cello suite No. 6





Bach's last cello suite was composed in 1725. After him, not a single piece for cello solo for 190 years, until 1915 and Kodály's cello sonata! Those two pieces share the will of their composers to inovate, go forward and free from the past.


Big Bach!




Bach, cello suite No. 1

Bach, cello suite No. 6





For Bach addicits.

à la carte…



Choose among the menu and compose your own program:


Bach - cello suites No.1, 2, 3, 4 and 6

Berio - les mots sont allés...

Bloch - cello suite No.1

Britten - cello suite No.3

Crumb - cello sonata

Dutilleux - Trois Strophes sur le nom de SACHER

Fauré - Après un rêve

Kodály - cello sonata op.8

Ligeti - cello sonata

Pascal - Geste

Reger - cello suite No.3

We'll do our best to accomodate any of your wishes and will be happy to help you discover and combine the pieces.

Do not hesitate to contact us!

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